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Welcome to the

Communications Vault

This site is your one stop location for communication and engagement resources for Allocate’s solutions and products.

Easy as 1-2-3

Our Communications Vault is split into three areas to help you with your planning, to engage with your workforce when needing to communicate about an Allocate product or solution to them.

1. Communications Planning Tools

Align your objectives to what you need to communicate using our helpful planning guides, so you can create a comprehensive communications plan

2. Communications Kits

Browse our range of product catalogues and decide what you want to use from them to execute your communications plans

3. Asset Request

You've planned. You know what you want from the catalogues. Now download everything you need to go and execute your plan

1. Communications Planning Tools

All good communications start in the planning. From understanding the purpose of your project and your specific communications objectives to choosing what activity you will undertake and when, careful planning can help ensure you reach the right audience with the right message.

To that end, we have provided our communication planning guides to help you to do this.

Comms Planning Guide

We’ve developed a guide to use so you can develop your plans when communicating about any of our products.

Are you launching Loop?

Then check out the dedicated Loop Communication Workbook here.

Planning Templates

Start planning your communications with the ready made templates and save precious time.

2. Communications Kits

We’ve split out of our communications kit by product for you to easily navigate them.

Allocate Loop

Click here and view the catalogue

Allocate Optima Naming Update

Click here and view the catalogue

NHS Scotland eRostering Program

Click here and view the catalogue

Selenity Expenses

Click here and view the catalogue


Click here and view the catalogue


Click here and view the catalogue

3. Asset Request

You’ve decided what elements from the Communication Kits you want to use. It’s now time to get hold of them.

We’ve made the ability to request assets as simple as possible. Just choose your region then complete the form below. Make sure you’ve checked the communication kits for your product first to know what you are requesting.

If you want to add anything additional after making your first request, that’s no problem. Come back and fill in the form again.

Please select your region below

Need more information? Check out our most frequently asked questions.

What’s the difference between a Print logo and a Digital logo that I need to provide?

The items in all our Communications Kits are split into Print and Digital assets.

What is the difference?

  • Print items do what it says on the tin. They are professionally printed out, such as leaflets, posters and roller banners.
  • Digital items display on a screen only, whether that’s an image on a monitor, tablet or phone screen.

How are they set up differently?

To ensure these items display correctly on print or digital, the files are set up differently.

  • Designs that are going to be printed are set up using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) so the colours print correctly.
  • Designs that are purely digital content, such as email signatures and social media images, are created using RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

How should I supply logos then?

  • Any logos that are going on print set up, they need to supplied in a CMYK format, same as how the file is set up for printing.
  • Any logos that are going to be display digitally, they need to be supplied in a RGB format, asme as how the file is set up for screens.

If you are still not sure you have got the right logotypes, reach out to your brand or communications team who will be able to help.

When I have added my logo, it is appearing a lot smaller than I expected, and/or feels like it has been placed in a random location within the space. How can I resolve this?

With the automation process we have for our Communications Vault, it places your logo within a maximum height and width space that is pre-set.

If your logo is appearing smaller than you expect, this maybe because your logo has extra whitespace around it. The automation will include this whitespace in your logo and add it to the page.

Therefore, to ensure you logo is the most prominent, ensure you have little or no white space around it. Here is a visual guide to demonstrate this.

I am requesting Loop assets and want to request more than one messaging stream. How can I do this?

There is no limit on how many times you can request assets. Once you’ve completed one messaging stream and downloaded your assets, refresh the page and start again for your next messaging stream.

What can I put in the personalise area about contact details?

  • This is a free text space with a maximum space of 4 lines of text, with 30 characters per line.
  • If you have more than 30 characters, it will split over two lines.
  • We recommend to keep your contact details as simple as possible and not give too many options, whether that be someone’s name, email and telephone number, or an internal resource area you have such as SharePoint or your intranet.

For printable assets, do you provide the prints or just the file?

For print assets, such as posters, leaflets and roller banners, the Comms Vault provides you with the file so you are then able to send to your own printer and print to the specification you desire.

I’ve pressed submit but my files will not download?

Check your browser allows you to accept downloads if it is being blocked. Otherwise, if you have issues with files not downloading, contact the team at

I’m still having trouble with requesting assets. Where can I get help?

Our team will be more than happy to help with requesting assets. Please email and a member of the team will be in touch to help.

Another member of my team who is leading our communications requires access to the Comms Vault but they do not have access to the Support Portal. How can I get them access?

To access the Comms Vault, individuals require a Support Portal login. Simply raise a ticket request for a new person login, stating that they require access to the Comms Vault.